Lancashire evening post business plan

Michelle Bromley's early twenties not only brought her first child but a gruelling mix of anxiety, postnatal depression, agoraphobia and claustrophobia.

Lancashire evening post business plan

Lean year ahead for property law, lancashire evening post business plan for litigation What I think very few of those in the property market anticipated was the severity of the falls in property values. However, there is so much uncertainty about property prices that some of the leading lenders have declined to lancashire evening post business plan their customary year end forecasts for property price movements for Unfortunately the result of all this is that potential purchasers are reluctant to buy today what they think they may be able to buy more cheaply tomorrow.

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The combination of these two factors means that the number of transactions, both for residential properties and commercial properties, has been substantially reduced.

New building of residential property has substantially reduced. It is thought that new starts in will plunge from the already low level ofin to under 80, in The risk here is that in the future there will be a serious housing shortage which will drive further substantial house price increases once loans are more readily available.

That may be a long term consequence, but for it seems likely that everyone involved in the property market and in the sale and transfer of property, whether as developers, builders, surveyors, estate agents or lawyers, will be contemplating very much reduced activity and having to reduce their overheads as a result.

Inevitably for some, this will result in job losses. So, while the prospect for property lawyers may be of reduced activity forthe prospects for employment lawyers and commercial litigators are of substantially increased activity. I think all the events of have been well documented and opined on so I will not dwell on them.

One of the most interesting observations of the year was the impact of the media on events, this is essentially the first economic downturn, crisis, call it what you will, that has played out over the Internet. The amount of information and opinion, right or wrong, and the speed at which it has spread has been phenomenal, in this respect all previous recessions have played out in slow motion.

Who had heard of Robert Peston this time last year?

lancashire evening post business plan

I believe that this has contributed greatly to the volatility we have seen and also the impacted on confidence of the collective psyche.

It was with relief that I noted the recent return of Celebrity Big Brother which kept the red tops occupied with their more standard fair for a while. It is going to be a year where the strong and the brave benefit. Businesses with robust business models and strong balance sheets will benefit from the failure of weak businesses and will be presented with acquisition opportunities.

On a more specific note, I think the North West will do well on at least two fronts. Our manufacturing sector will benefit from the current weakness in sterling, improving both domestic and export competitiveness. A former high-profile politician and leader of the private sector lobbying and networking group, Mr McKenna is concerned that without proper preparation the city leaders will simply not be able to put in place an exciting year of initiatives to promote and market Preston to full effect.

Friday, February 26, The LEP is making ‘significant progress’ Chair Edwin Booth surveys the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership’s achievements over the past year in a column which first appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post. This is how much more bacon will cost after the proposed meat tax - Lancashire Evening Post A proposed ‘meat tax’ could help save almost 6, lives in the UK every year, but would hit shoppers with a significant price hike on food, causing the cost of bacon to nearly double. Television is provided by ITV Granada, the ITV franchise holder for the North West region, BBC North West, the regional BBC station for the North West region, and a local TV service for Blackpool and Preston, That's Lancashire, from studios at the Northern Lights Business Centre in the University of Central Lancashire's Media Factory building.

Razorlight on stage during the Radio One Big Weekend in The Guild is an unparalleled opportunity to promote and market the city, to increase tourism and boost the local economy that simply cannot be overlooked.

Preston is particularly disadvantaged as a city not in charge of its own destiny — look at the opposition it faces to its Tithebarn regeneration plans from unitary authorities Blackburn and Blackpool — and removing this stumbling block could be an enormous benefit. Empty property tax should be abolished completely, and there should be a rethink on proposals to allow councils to charge a Supplementary Business Rate.

We found that the demand for good property across all sectors was and still is high, but the problems the property market face are not demand but finance driven. Commercial sales and investment markets slowed down significantly due to the banking crisis in the summer months.

The lack of finance available to prospective buyers, developers and investors resulted in a lack of building and site purchases at a time when prices were becoming more sensible.

We felt that many businesses were affected by a general lack of confidence in the market which resulted in them putting their property requirements on hold temporarily.

lancashire evening post business plan

This can only go on for so long until it is to the detriment to the occupier. Premium prices on properties generally across the board have not been achieved, forcing many pragmatic landlords to offer deals, rent-free periods, short lease terms and various incentives.

We feel that many businesses have been waiting until to see what the outlook is like and will start looking for property soon. Some businesses will have a need to move and, if they don't do it soon, they may see a negative impact on business.

On the up side, now is an excellent time to secure some great deals and the most pragmatic and flexible landlords will fair the best.

Retail In the retail sector, the proposed Tithebarn Development continues to negatively affect the retail market in Preston city centre. As more plans and information are released into the public domain, more questions remained unanswered over the timespan and the finer details of the development.

A further potential danger of Tithebarn project, and what will be interesting to watch throughoutwill be whether Lend Lease and Grosvenor find an additional funding agent for the project at a time when funding is incredibly hard to find, especially when such a high level of investment is required.

We do recognise that the proposed Tithebarn regeneration will hopefully have a positive effect on Preston as a whole, depending on what form the scheme emerges.

Projects of this size inevitably involve a certain amount of suffering but hopefully this will all be forgotten once the development has been completed.

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Despite the uncertainty ofthere remains very little prime retail space available in the city centre and occupancy rates remain high, which is good news for Preston.

Following a succession of high profile retailers falling into administration, the biggest story to hit the headlines in was Woolworths, and concerns that its demise could be detrimental for the high street.The renovation and extension includes the creation of open-plan study space for students which also offers a spacious meeting and function room, and a Chinese resource centre while, for the first time, newly acquired space on the first floor provides a ‘hub’ for visiting academics, plus seminar rooms and office space.

by DAVID COATES, Lancashire Evening Post business reporter W HEN the history books are written for , the impact of the credit crunch and the subsequent recession will loom large.

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Television is provided by ITV Granada, the ITV franchise holder for the North West region, BBC North West, the regional BBC station for the North West region, and a local TV service for Blackpool and Preston, That's Lancashire, from studios at the Northern Lights Business Centre in the University of Central Lancashire's Media Factory building.

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